If I apply online, is my information secure?
Yes, your information is very secure. We at Marathon use industry standard SSL- encryption. Once you submit your application a secure session begins that protects message privacy, message integrity and server security.

What would my interest rate be?
Your interest rate has many variables, credit score being one of them. However the best way to find out what your credit score is to apply by going to our financing page and complete the credit application.

What is the oldest year unit you will finance?
We can currently finance units up to 15 years old and in some cases 20 years.

How much money will I be required to have as a down payment?
10% – 15% down is generally a down payment required in the recreational finance industry.

How long does the application process take?
Once we receive a completed credit application, the process could take up to 30 minutes to receive a response. For transactions over $100K more documentation may be required.

Can you help with a refinance?

How long is my approval good for?
Approvals are typically good for 30 days and 60 days if the product you are buying is an ordered unit.

Can I get zero down?
Yes with certain lenders and certain credit criteria however, a typical down payment is usually 10% – 15%.

What additional information might you need with credit my application?
Additional information that may be required is: Previous address, previous employment (if less than 2 years) and proof of income (via most recent pay stub and/or personal tax returns).

If I have a previous bankruptcy can I still apply?
Yes. However the bankruptcy will need to be discharged.

How long of a term will I qualify for?
We do offer long term financing up to 240 months depending on the amount to finance and credit profile.

For more information, please contact one of our loan specialists at 877-323-5788